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Shirley Wallington

Long before I began to design gardens professionally it was my passion. Whether painting the first blossom on a peach tree or pruning a rose bush I could always be found in my garden. Over the past 30 years I have designed many hundreds of gardens, mostly in Johannesburg. I am proud to have worked on the turn-around of the Johannesburg zoological gardens and built a two hectare formal garden of my own. Contact me and I will help you make the most of your garden.

I have been providing garden information on Jenny Crwys-Willams Friday Mix show since February 2005. The idea is to provide information on what to do in the garden for the time of the year. Occasionally I choose a specific subject and elaborate on this with all sorts of relevant information.

Jenny encourages the public to call in and when I am able, I offer suggestions to resolve whatever gardening problems there are. We have had a lot of fun over the years and I have made many friends who are as passionate about gardening as I am. One gathers so much information over the years, that it is such an honour to be able to share my garden knowledge with like minded people.

Gardening style

I just love formal gardens. Having been inspired by the gardens of Versailles in Paris and the simple formal structure of Italian kitchen gardens I have often incorporated these geometric shapes and patterns into my work.

A recent project in Fourways Estate

This is a project that was finished in late winter this year. The house is an unusual one that has almost a Caribbean feel as it is painted the softest blue with white and has the typical wooden slats found in these homes. So to compliment this architecture I proposed a slightly formal garden with walkways, Japanese Zen garden with Gazebo and the colour scheme is a pallet of soft pastel colours. It has been such a rewarding project because there were several challenges. The soil is clay and was constantly water logged and the levels where not the easiest to manage but by creating terraces and taking in a more friable soil, the final result has been all worth while. We painted the arches ‘cucumber’ green and when the roses and star jasmine rambles over these green arches, the planting will be emphasized. Over the next year, a proposed ‘woodland’ garden with water feature will be installed.