We have just returned from a peaceful and most enjoyable trip to Kruger Park. Unfortunately we were a little early for the birthing of the Impala as the rains had not come, but subsequently they have all been born and there are many of them. Our timing was not quite right but there was so much more to see.

The bush around Letaba was truly beautiful. The grass not too high so we could see the animals. The Letaba river still has a fair amount of water in it and there were several Elephants and Hippo’s have a glorious time. Unfortunately, crocodiles are very few due to the disease that apparently has
effected them all from pollution in the rivers inland. Shame on us!!

We went up to Punda Maria where the drought was quite evident but they have had some good rains this past week so the grass should all start coming through now. Pafuri is still a favourite picnic spot and even though the river is running well, the bird life seems to have diminished and believe after the floods in 2001 many animals and birds disappeared. Many Nyala and Baboons. The Fever Trees are not looking good and think that the floods must have destroyed them.

It was great to go to Crooks corner and look across the Limpopo river to see where the 3 countries meet. (Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa).

Of course, the beautiful Baobabs just entrance me.