Summer has started and almost all the trees have been clothed in their glorious greens, reds and yellows. Just the Jacarandas to come through at the end of October. A truly beautiful sight.

My husband Barry and I have just spent a relaxing wonderful week in Kruger National Park.

We stayed in Olifants camp which was still a bit dry but driving to Satara and then down to Berg ‘n Dal, the grasses had come through and there had been quite a bit of rain so the animals were very busy eating the juicy new shoots. The park and animals are looking happy and healthy.

I took many pictures of the stunning trees we saw on our outings and I shall share some of these with you.

But what I really would like to share is a wonderful story that we read in the paper just before we went away.

A young Argentinian couple (Herman and Calendaria Zapp) met at the age of 10 whilst still at school and years later married. They dreamed of traveling from Afganistan to Alaska . About 5 years into their marriage they decided to fix a 1928 Graham Paige car they had standing in the garage. After several months of getting this old girl mobile they set off on their travels.

They have been traveling the world for 12 years. In this time they have had 4 children.

So here we are in Satara camp and as we stopped at the shop this glorious old car pulls up next to us and out fall a tiny mother and 4 children in a hurry to get a quick drink before leaving the park as they only had an hour to make the Orpen gate.

Naturally I went up to Herman Zapp and told him I had seen the article in the paper and was so thrilled to actually meet him. What friendly people they are. I took a photograph which is included here and then he proceeded to tell us about his old car.

The wheels have wooden spokes and the tyres need to be specially made. When asking him what they do about spares, he said “ we have faith “.

We bought his book ‘Spark a Dream” which tells of their travels and they have written 8 editions.

An inspirational story which says to us all “Spark your dream”.